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8 Simple Tips to Attack the Holiday Head On!

The Holidays have arrived!

When it should be a time to celebrate, be grateful, and spend time with your loved ones. People instead start thinking negatively about all the extra Food and Drinks that are going to be around every corner.

The HOLIDAYS should NOT be looked at as Stressful, and Fitness should NOT be looked at as a Punishment for Food.

Relax, enjoy your day, and use some of these Tips to keep yourself guilt free this holiday season.

Here are 8 Simple Tips to Help You Attack the Holiday Head On.

1. Eat slower. Enjoy your food, the longer you spend eating, the less you will hurry to grab more.

2. Eat until Satisfied. Not stuffed.

3. Get those workouts in. Don’t slow down metabolism during these times. Even if it is only for 20 min or just something simple at home. Something is always BETTER than nothing.

4. Portion control- Women: Palm of protein, Fist of veggies, Cupped hand of carbs, and a thumb of fats. Men can do double.

5. Lower calorie intake on surrounding days to help counter balance those higher calorie days.

6. Keep your Water intake high. It will help you feel more satisfied and also continue to flush your system of unnecessary toxins.

7. Double Up on the Protein and Veggies instead of the Breads and Desserts.

8. Have Fun and whatever happens won't "Undo" all the Progress you have made all year.

Enjoy this time with your friends and family. The Key is always CONSISTENCY and your overall lifestyle habits. One or Two Days will not destroy your progress, just remember to get back on the horse.

That’s why living an overall healthier lifestyle is different than dieting. You can have these guilt free times, as long as you get back on track and continue to move forward.

I cannot express how THANKFUL I am for you and your continued Trust, Support, and Hard Work!

"Thank You Again"

-Coach Garrett

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